Henmar Incubators


  • Fully Imported and Automatic Incubators and Hatchers for the small to meduim sized business.
  • Manufactured from insulated panels, lightweight but strong and durable, no wood that absorbs moisture and/or become unhygienic!
  • Economic energy use - energy used to incubate eggs and not to heat the structure!


About Us

For 20 years we have been breeding pedigree chickens, and now also supply imported fully automated incubators.

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Contact us during office hours for more information. See price list for full range!

Note: All incubators are free standing with the setter drawers above and hatcher-drawer below.
Then there is 3 sizes standalone Hatchers.
JN-56 is a table model with setter and hatcher action in the same compartment.

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Email: valer@vodamail.co.za           Phone: (+27) 0825527133

About Us

Best quality Chickens, fertilized and Incubators

Contact Us

Contact us during office hours for more information

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